In this modern age, everyone doesn’t want to do the same old thing that everyone else may be doing. There are people who prefer to stand out a bit when it comes to building a home. One of the things that stand out on any house is the roof. Yes, the shape of the house is important but the roof is the icing on the cake. With that being said I have 3 types of roofs to mention, these are definitely some to consider.

1. Curved Roof:

The curved roof is a very technical-looking piece of engineering. You may find this design or something similar to many modern looking houses. Houses with slick straight lines with a roof with curves look awesome. The roof looks great with lots of curb appeal but the cost may be a turn-off.

2. Sawtooth Roof:

The sawtooth roof design looks like the jagged edges of a saw from a particular angle hence the name. This type of roof is great if you want to put a window high up that more natural light can enter the home. This roof is considered expensive to build and could require lots of maintenance.

3. Butterfly Roof:

The butterfly roof has a very intricate design that looks good on a modern designed house. It has its shape where the middle of the house is lower than the two sides. This gives the impression of a house with wings hence the name butterfly roof. This type of design means you can have bigger windows on the house which works well for people who prefer natural light to artificial. Just like the other roofs mentioned in this list, the maintenance is high and the upfront costs very expensive.

It must be noted that the roof of any house or structure is a very expensive part of the building. So when thinking about getting a fancy design take into consideration the costs that can come with the design.