Roof designs have evolved in a spectacular fashion. You would be amazed at the types of roofs you can now have designed and built. Technology has enabled us to come up with some creative designs that can be tested for faults before one nail or rivet is ever driven. It is now easier to sit down and create a design and have engineers look at it to see what may need changing and how to eliminate any weak spots in the design itself. Let’s now look at these three designs that would look amazing on any house.

1. Combination Roof:

The combination roof lives up to its name. The design is based on multiple styles made into one. You may see gable, mansard and eve flat roofs combined together to create a special design. On average there are about 15 or more styles that any architect or designer can choose from when creating a custom roof. This means that you can ask for what you want and if the designer can make it happen and it passes the safety test you can have your dream roof. This style of house improves the overall look of the hose but can prove quite expensive to build.

2. Dome Roof:

The dome roof is definitely not your everyday roof, but this design has become very popular due to its style and curbs appeal.  This dome shaped roof is very durable which means it can become a wise investment; however just like the combination roof it is quite expensive to build. This is especially due to the work required to bend the planks into shape.

3. Pyramid Roof:

The pyramid roof is a very complicated design to build and that is no joke. It has a complex look that can often be mistaken for a combination roof. That is because some designs incorporate a bit more than the pyramid shape, you may find a few with extended windows carrying a shape protruding from the roof. This doesn’t take away from the pyramid look design it just makes it more technical to build and give an exquisite look.

I hope you found these special styles fascinating, if you want a house with a royal look, these might work just fine, you can also use these as an example to create your own style. Choose a professional roofer in Toldeo OH. Our recommended one is linked.